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Internet Services and Connections

Please read our Acceptable Use Policy before you access the internet through
State Tel Online and/or State Tel's Fasttrak DSL

State Tel Online offers:
  • Unlimited Internet access for $16.95 / month;
  • Seasonal: $1.75 / month (allows customer to retain account)
    This includes:
    • 3 e-mail accounts (Additional e-mail boxes are $2/mo each up to five)
    • 10mb E-mail space (Additional: $5/mo per 10mb)
    • 5 mb Personal Website (One-Time Set-up Fee: $5)
    • Dial-up installation instructions.

    Order Internet Access Here

    For a Faster Connection, see our DSL Page

    Please Note:
    If you use a dial-up internet service, make sure that the modem dialer is not placing a "518" before the internet number being called. Doing so may cause what would normally be a "free" local call to be charged as a toll call.
    Despite what your internet service provider (ISP) may tell you about placing "518" in front of the number being called it is incorrect. If in doubt have them call State Telephone or establish a three way call with us.

    State Telephone Company and the carriers it represents bear no responsibility for toll calls made by computer dialers that are incorrectly programmed.

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